High Times is also holding the inaugural Oregon Cannabis Cup, where the original licensed dispensaries will be in attendance for the groundbreaking ceremony. The anticipated event will be taking place on 26th October at Portland North Warehouse.

Pure Green was established in 2013 by Matt and Meghan Walstatter to deliver highly valued products with excellent customer service. In addition, the company aims to assist the members of society via community development and social justice programs.

The initiative has been on the frontline in participating in the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland medical Marijuana Symposium to raise funds to fight breast cancer. Walstatters have also advocated in favor of Oregon’s measure 21 to get finances for supporting the cannabis ventures.

Besides, Pure Green Lantern Launch helped to fund the research for ALS. The dispensary has partnered with the Oregon Cannabis Association to empower women and water protection programs to rebuild the California-based ventures.

Pure Green plays a huge role in the cannabis Cup Oregon by acting as a formal gatekeeper for the products getting into the competition. In addition, they manage the contests entries and distribution among the local judges who determine the best for the coveted High Times Cannabis Cup.

The ability to link consumers with the distinctive cannabis products and flavors of the domestic communities has for a long period made the cannabis Cup exceptional. This event is an eye-opener for entrepreneurs who look forward to sharing cannabis products and flowers with Portland and other nations.

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