Day: March 25, 2022

High Times is also holding the inaugural Oregon Cannabis Cup, where the original licensed dispensaries will be in attendance for the groundbreaking ceremony. The anticipated event will be taking place on 26th October at Portland North Warehouse.
Pure Green was established in 2013 by Matt and Meghan Walstatter to deliver highly valued products with excellent customer service. In addition, the company aims to assist the members of society via community development and social justice programs.
The initiative has been on …

High Times in conjunction with Las Vegas Paiute Tribe will host the Nevada Cannabis Cup in the state’s only legal consumption lounge. Last year, the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe established a lawful and secure space to acquire and consume cannabis. 
The Vegas Tasting Room is the only legalized space to consume cannabis publicly within Las Vegas city.
The event is scheduled for the 11th to 14th of December, and the Vegas Tasting Room is the venue. The popular cannabis cup back to Vegas is estimated to receive more …