Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to know the basics of growing cannabis? If so, here are the things you need to follow so you can start growing cannabis in your little indoor space:

  1. First and foremost, get a place to grow, preferably a decent grow tent. These tents are affordable, user-friendly, and come with various designs and models inclusive of complex hydroponic devices. Some even have divided chambers for vegetative growth, making them fit for growers with limited space.
  2. A growlight is another requirement when growing cannabis. The recommended light is the High-intensity Discharge (HID) or High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) system with bulbs, reflectors, and ballasts. Make sure the light you choose covers the entire tent and features a timer for controlling the turn on and off buttons.
  3. You also want to invest in an exhaust fan and carbon filter to minimize heat and get rid of foul odor.
  4. A thermometer or hygrometer is required to control the temperature and moisture inside the grow tent.
  5. Make sure you have access to cannabis seeds from a dispensary. You can also order them online.
  6. Get 3-5 buckets of soil and mix it with the nutrients for feeding your seedlings as you water them. Cut holes at the bottom and fix saucers to control overflows.
  7. Pruning should start early and need to be done regularly. Above the node, cut or pinch the branches to allow new shoots. Avoid pruning the branches if they have started flowering, as doing so will reduce your yields at that particular harvest.
  8. The flowering induction stage needs to be done in 12 hours. Make sure you are not interfering with the 12-hour dark period with the light one. This is to minimize issues that may arise later during the growing process.
  9. The best harvesting period is when most gland heads have begun to go cloudy white and are not yet fully amber. A more lethargic stone is achievable every time you do your harvesting when the glands are amber.

10, Finally, get your harvested marijuana dried and cured under perfect conditions. The ideal time for drying healthy and flavored cannabis is 10 to 14 days. Perfect temperatures and humidity levels are recommended during drying and curing periods.

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