A report released by CPEAR discusses how marijuana legalization has significantly resulted in increased intake targeting the youths. Youth and cannabis are two related terms when it comes to consumption. So, preventing youth misuse via a federal regulatory system is recommended to help regulate consumption.

The report will be of great benefit in guiding the youths on consumption prevention through various inspirations. The prevention process is daunting to the states that have legalized adult-use cannabis. Legalizing adult-use cannabis is one thing, while its impact on the youths is another thing to research. 

This calls for the involvement of the local communities and other stakeholders to come up with effective prevention measures to protect the youths from marijuana misuse.

The reports show that the youth consumption rate is either reduced or constant in the regulated markets. However, the state legalization of marijuana has not impacted the way youths and adults consume cannabis. Luckily, the integration of early prevention measures results in a reduction in the youth consumption rate.

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