High holidays for the annual Luck Reunion will kick off on the 20th of April to give a formal air to the marijuana community. The event will also culminate on Willie Nelson’s birthday on the 29th of April. Luck Reunion attending and petitioning President Joe Biden will declare the ten days a national holiday.

Luck also creates a memorable experience that embraces history and ramps up the new traditions in the culture of the US roots. This will foster the debate around hemp legalization, decriminalization, and destigmatization. 

Here, the event is meant to educate citizens that cannabis is not a drug but rather an herb and a flower. So, it is naturally available, and God created it. Therefore, being a natural herb, the government should let it grow.

The holiday celebrations will also feature amazing memories and moments in weed history. Then, five days will be time for action, by giving an overview of the role of the Cannabis Voter Project. The Luck Summit will be next in the program. Here, seed planting will get underway, virtually hosting an extravaganza for top celebrities.

On the 27th and 28th of April, there will also be virtual conversations and discussions on various topics such as agriculture, science, the economics of cannabis, and ethics. The event will close on 29th April with the main speakers taking the stage, plus the Willie Nelson birthday celebrations. The Luck Present team comes with a petition calling Joe Biden to declare the High Holidays a national holiday.

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