Animals such as porcupines, anteaters, and sloths live on a Colombian farm which has been a dwelling sanctuary for most of the wildlife native in the area. These animals mutually benefit from the green in cannabis farms. So, the farms need to be regulated to prevent the hefty toll caused on the ecosystem.

More controls also need to be created as most of the growers divert water from rivers, making them run dry. The number of snake species nearby is rising compared to the past decades.

The high population of the non-venomous boa constrictor in the weed farm is wanting. Regulation on these farms is also required to keep an eye on the wildlife making their way here. Also, investigators and environmentalists come here to track the animals who regularly visit the farm.

Currently, cannabis is grown indoors at homes where growers have control of everything. Growing cannabis indoors is good, but it interferes with the mutual interactions between microorganisms and animals. Countless microorganisms live in quality soil where cannabis is grown. As such, high-quality and flavored cannabis is often grown in vineyards compared to indoor ones.

Most growers spray harmful pesticides that kill millions of animals on the farms to defend their plants. To curb this, cannabis growers are advised to use natural pesticides and show respect to the animals, as some are visitors to their farms.

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