There have been ongoing debates about homegrown cannabis across the globe. Reforms and policies on commercializing the cannabis industry have been everywhere to define it worldwide.

Canada is among the countries where authorities are still wondering whether to re-examine these policies or not. The right to grow cannabis at home has continuously been challenged in the courts of Canada.

More legal challenges led the Canadian drug control program to legalize it but allow it to work with an existing federal medicinal program. The law governing homegrown cannabis has been revised to certain regulations and restrictions on refusing a grower’s license. This involves growers whose growth areas have not fully complied with the requirements.

Also, growers who don’t possess medical certifications will have to face the law. This makes growing cannabis at home even more difficult for growers who have not met the requirements.

Regulating the cannabis industry all over has elicited more problems. However, creating a setting that will grow safely will offer an affordable alternative option even to the competitors.

Growing cannabis at home is not a walk in the park as more argument continues to arise. Moreover, patients with severe conditions are normally dismissed and left out as they struggle to make ends meet.

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