US Cannabis Industry Opens Up Tons of Jobs According to Annual Leafly Report

Currently, Leafly reported that the cannabis sector has spearheaded the US market by offering job opportunities. According to recent data, the future is bright since the industry continues to create more jobs. What’s more, at least four hundred thousand jobs are being created on a full-time basis which is a huge increase compared to the previous years.

The jobs created extensive cover roles ranging from cultivation and retail to professional jobs like legal affairs, security, and accounting. The sales of cannabis products have also doubled, creating even more new jobs. 

This translates to more than 20% employment growth in the cannabis industry. Compared to other sectors, the cannabis industry has tripled them, offering at least 250 new jobs per day.

The data lists the top ten markets for jobs in the US. These include Colorado, Michigan, California, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Washington, Oregon, while Pennsylvania and Florida provide medical-related cannabis jobs. The opportunity for growth is also estimated in the coming years as more cannabis jobs will be created.

It’s also reported that more than 70% of the cannabis sector demand is fully satisfied through illicit cultivations and revenue. This analysis will play a huge role in tracking the cannabis growth rate and showing the milestone in the long run. 

Surprisingly, the cannabis industry continued to boom, reporting an exponential growth rate even during the pandemic.

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