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Currently, Leafly reported that the cannabis sector has spearheaded the US market by offering job opportunities. According to recent data, the future is bright since the industry continues to create more jobs. What’s more, at least four hundred thousand jobs are being created on a full-time basis which is a huge increase compared to the previous years.
The jobs created extensive cover roles ranging from cultivation and retail to professional jobs like legal affairs, security, and accounting. The sales of cannabis products have also doubled, creating even more …

Animals such as porcupines, anteaters, and sloths live on a Colombian farm which has been a dwelling sanctuary for most of the wildlife native in the area. These animals mutually benefit from the green in cannabis farms. So, the farms need to be regulated to prevent the hefty toll caused on the ecosystem.
More controls also need to be created as most of the growers divert water from rivers, making them run dry. The number of snake species nearby is rising compared to the past decades.
The high population of the non-…

There have been ongoing debates about homegrown cannabis across the globe. Reforms and policies on commercializing the cannabis industry have been everywhere to define it worldwide.
Canada is among the countries where authorities are still wondering whether to re-examine these policies or not. The right to grow cannabis at home has continuously been challenged in the courts of Canada.
More legal challenges led the Canadian drug control program to legalize it but allow it to work with an existing federal medicinal …

According to Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper, there is a need to embrace the SAFE banking Act as it will support legal cannabis significantly. The passage of the SAFE Banking Act will pave the way for the cannabis entrepreneur’s access to traditional financial services. 
The Colorado senator stated that the federal policies and regulations which refute banking services to state-licensed entrepreneurs encourage criminal activity.
Among the goals of marijuana legalization is that state-licensed businesses should …

According to current reports, flushing cannabis plants before harvesting may not ramp up the value of the cannabis flower. In contrast, most people believe that flushing plants is the best way to enhance the tastes of a dried-up cannabis flower.
In most instances, most growers improve the value of a finished product by stopping to fertilize their plants 14 days before harvesting. According to the data released from the blind test analysis, participants preferred the cannabis flower taste that hadn’t been flushed compared to the flushed one.